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I met with the owners of Cookiebar Creamery and found out they were fans of my art, so we talked about doing a pin together. Since they're known for their amazing ice cream and cookies (and making awesome ice cream sandwiches), I wanted to do a fun pin that spoke about the relationship of the two desserts.



Client: Cookiebar Creamery

Role: Creative Direction, Illustration, and Production.


I had a couple really loose ideas.

1. Was gonna be ice cream and cookie doing a homie shake.

2 & 3. We're going to be ice cream and cookie doing the "prayer hands" as separate pins sold as a set. The folks at Cookiebar Creamery really dug the first idea, so I proceeded to the next round with that as focus. The idea was to convey how at Cookiebar Creamery these two desserts were better together.


For round 2, we went with the handshake concept and explored little changes like facial expression, a bite in cookies head, colorways, etc. We agreed on the last mock, so I went in and cleaned it up then sent it off to production at the pin manufacturer.

We ended up doing two colorways just to add some variety.



I love getting to work with small businesses that are creative and open to collaboration. Cookiebar was that and then some.  It helped that we were fans of each other, so our collaboration was super smooth. I also got some free ice cream sandwiches out of it, so I may have won in this collaboration lol.

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