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So HBO brought up being able to interact with the "P" during the opening of the Pandora app. This was the season of Game of Thrones with an "ice dragon" and we had the idea of "freezing" the Pandora P, along with the screen, then having that same dragon crash thru the wall of ice it created and ending on the resolve frame. That was project was approved and the flood gates were opened. Since then, various brands have wanted to put their own stamp on the "P." The initial main objective of this product was to make a smooth transition between the opening of the app and the interstitial ad.



Client: Pandora and various clients

Role: Creative Direction.

The work for these projects have varied from pre-sale to production but I generally did the art direction for a lot of these.


The process varied for each client. In the end, each client wanted to leave their own mark on the "P." They wanted the blending of logos and style guides to be smooth but most importantly to make sense to their current campaign without "crapping" on the Pandora icon.


I love working on custom "P" animations. It's always fun blending the Pandora brand with everyone from Game of Thrones to Coca-Cola when it makes sense.

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