HP​ wanted to promote their the new tablet the Spectre on Pandora. They came to us asking for a fun new way to engage the users while also promoting the capabilities of their new product.


Client: HP

Role: Art direction (Development by: Vivian Tang)


We thought it would be fun to draw on the ad. It would be a fun way to interact with the ad but also touch on the fact that you could draw and design with their new tablet. We gave the user the opportunity to customize a guitar and when you were done, it would transition to a design that someone made on the Spectre. From there we would highlight some of the other things you could do with the tool and of course click out to the HP site to learn more.


It confirmed for me that we had a very talented team when the client wanted to pass the agency and come straight to our in-house team to see what we could do for them. They loved our idea and we continued to do more fun work together.