Halloween was approaching and Hulu commissioned illustrations of popular Halloween movies for their yearly Huluween event. Illustrators we given a list of movies to choose from and I chose Edward Scissorhands, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Children of the Corn.


Client: Hulu & Talenthouse

Role: Art Direction & Illustration

I love horror movies, especially really stylized ones. I did some rough illustrations to show what I had in mind, presented a deck, and after some talk we went in the direction of a piece I did for Children of the Corn.


The only guidelines put in place were to follow Hulu's colors. I came up with a few concepts but here are the roughs that I submitted.


I wanted to do a version of Edward Scissorhands that felt both whimsical and innocent but I also wanted to do an illustration of Edward that felt kind of ominous and a little bit scary.


For Children of the Corn, I had a fairly clear image of Isaac in the front with the other children in the corn fields. I wanted to keep the color palette really simple and ideally focus on silhouettes and highlights.

For Rocky Horror Picture Show, I just wanted it to be bold and cool. Frank N Furter is both of those visually, so I wanted the illustration to be focused on just a portion of them while also making it clear who the star of the illustration is.

Below are the 4 rough illustrations that I presented to Hulu and Talenthouse.

The clients liked the Children of the Corn concept, so we moved forward with that. For the final illustration, I really wanted to focus on the silhouettes and keep the color palette to a minimum. I was able to work with Hulu green, black, and white. I added significant more detail to everything from the characters to the corn. I still wanted to keep the children in the field simplified, so I tried to keep the details to a minimum back there but added more highlights and texture to Isaac to make them stick out a little more.


I'm happy with how the illustration turned out in the end. I feel the piece is ominous with Isaac in the front but still a little "fun" with the other children in the background. It was nice challenge to work with a limited color palette and I would love to do more illustrations for Huluween in the future.