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The objectives were always different but pretty much anytime I had a cool idea about cars, Japanese pop culture, or Bay Area culture I'd run it by them and see if they were down to do some work. We enjoyed a lot of the same pop culture references, so collaborating was easy.


Client: ILLEST / Fatlace

Role: Creative Direction and Illustration.


From pins to tees, we had a lot of the same taste in things. The client would just tell me the theme of the drop and let me concept a couple ideas. They'd look thru the ideas and generally give back little notes like colors/inside company detail/etc. Once they picked a concept of mine that they liked, they would let me go to work and have very little feedback because we tackled most issues in the conceptual process.


I enjoyed how these guys were down for a lot of things. They gave me a chance to experiment with different styles, as long as it still worked with their own guidelines.

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