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My friend Tony was starting a new catering business and needed some branding. The focus was kalbi and grilling and the ideas started spinning in my head immediately. Based on our previous project together, I knew this was going to be an enjoyable process.



Client: Kalbi Kings

Role: Creative Direction and Design.



From the jump, my brain immediately pictured a crown and using the double "K" to create it. Tony was into that idea but also noted wanting to incorporate barbecuing or grilling somehow. 


We explored a few options. He felt like the top left design looked too much like teeth, so with the rest of the icons I cut out pieces from the flat end of the "K" shapes to make them look even more like the letter "K." This was also to give the idea of jewels on a crown to really push the king/crown idea. The utensils were too on the nose, so we scrapped those.


To really play with the grill idea, I added grill marks underneath the double "K" crown to be both a nod to grilling but also appear to be the grill underneath the grown. Tony was super into the idea and this is where we landed with logo and word mark. The final touch was colors and Tony was straight forward with wanting to move forward with yellow and green. 


I enjoyed this project so much because at the time I thought I sensed how excited he was for this new venture. Tony's excitement for this new venture had me just as excited to create him a logo he would love.

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