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Andre Vasquez was about to run for alderman in the 40th ward of Chicago and needed some branding. He reached out fairly early on in his campaign and we got started.


Client: Andre Vasquez

Role: Creative Direction.

The idea was fairly straight forward. We wanted to keep the logo simple, bold, and Chicago-centric. His campaign motto eventually became "Our Ward, Our Moment."


I knew right away that I wanted to do a play on his initials, just because they were perfect to use as mirrors of each other. I also wanted to use a Chicago star because I felt that it could be a great addition due to it's shape. It all seemed complimentary to each other and easy on the eyes. Andre was into the idea.


From there we were able to decide on some colors. I thought a play on the colors of the Chicago flag would show his love for the city but also update it a bit. We started playing with the idea of red, white, and shades of aqua/turquoise to mimic the Chicago flag while also discerning the campaign as something different and new. Again, we played around with Andre's initials and the Chicago star. We agreed containing it in a circle could help make it more recognizable and easy to incorporate in everything from campaign videos to stickers.


The client and I were very happy with the icon chosen. It felt very balanced and easy to recognize. When the icon was finalized, we had some fun doing some campaign posters as well. We settled on the two main pieces below as the main icon and the basis for the campaign posters. From there, I passed the graphics to a designer on their team, sat back, and watched Andre win the campaign.



I'm pretty sure he won because of my branding. You're welcome, Dre. lol

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