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I was asked by Emporium to do murals in their SF and Oak locations. The only restraint was having something loosely video game themed and bright.


Client: Emorium Oak / Emporium SF

Role: Creative Direction and Painting.


I did pencil sketches for each, colored them digitally, printed them out, then gridded out the wall to make painting it easier. Like a bonehead, I used acrylic for both of them. Luckily my wife was with me at the SF location (pictured above) and helped me paint it. IT TOOK FOREVER. The Oakland piece (pictured below) didn't take me as long and I was doing it solo. At some points I had to use a ladder at sketchy angles but it was a fun time.

For the SF location, I sketched out 3 luchadors entangled in a fight. It was a long wall, so I used their long arms to just get all entangled in each other and take up a lot of the space.

For the OAK location, the wall was thinner but wwwaayyy taller. Almost like the SF wall turned on it's side. I mashed a bunch of characters from Marvel Vs. Capcom together doing a dragon punch.



I loved painting these walls. I don't get to paint as much as I used to; so getting the opportunity to paint these walls, do what I want, and make a little loot was nice.   =)

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