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Pandora wanted to make a pin to hand out at SXSW one year. The objective was to get the newly rebranded P out in the world, and enamel pins were so big at the time, so what could they do in pin form?


Client: Pandora

Role: Creative Direction and Production.

Pandora's idea behind the new "P" icon was that it was a "window." The square space behind the "P" was purposely created for anyone to interpret it in their own way, similar to the "M" in the MTV logo. My first thought was a turntable with a "P" record, then I immediately thought "How cool would it be to get the "P" record to spin!"​ The concept was liked and the goal was set.


So I wanted to make a pin with moving pieces. I had the guardrails of the Pandora logo already in place, so it was just a matter of adding some of my own flare to it.


I basically had to design two different physical pieces. I kept it pretty simple with the "P" and slapped a colored record label with some record grooves around it, done. With the window behind the "P" I modeled it after the infamous Technic 1200. Since this was a giveaway, we wanted to keep the costs down and one way to do that with a complicated 2 piece pin, is to keep it physically small. Luckily, I like doing smaller pins and we agreed that a 1" pin was a good size. The "P" stood out because it was mostly black on a silver surface, so it was clear to see from a distance.

I already had a pin manufacturer in mind, so I sent them an animated gif of the action and they understood exactly what I was going for. Actual pin production went down pretty smooth.


Working with Pandora as a client was pretty fun. It was cool that they were down to do a moving pin. It definitely got the wheels in my head turning and wanting to create more complicated pin pieces.

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