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Ziggy Marley and Tuff Gong wanted to promote his new album "Rebellion Rises" and he wanted to do something with Pandora. One of the things Tuff Gong wanted to do was a playlist but they also wanted to do something on socials to catch people's attention. 


Client: Ziggy Marley Tuff Gong

Role: Art Direction and hand modeling?


We were given early access to art for the project and we saw stencil work and protest imagery throughout. With that, we had a concept for a person going out and doing a stencil of the album name and release date on a wall.

After the call with Tuff Gong, I went to my desk and found some cardboard and cut out a stencil. I was going to do a digital mock up of someone going up to a wall and doing a stencil with the cutout I just made, but that felt lame. So my CD and I went out, got some paint, and found a wall to do the stencil on. Luckily our friends at the burger spot across the way let us do it on their wall, so weren't getting arrested for some concept videos.

Then we took our concept to Tuff Gong and they loved it. As is. No changes. Let's go. It doesn't get easier than that. We basically just went black and white, added the CTA, and they started posting it on all of Ziggy's socials.


Sometimes going with your gut and not faking something that's possible to actually create, pays off. My gut told me the digital mock wouldn't convey it as well as just doing it. I expected them to go out and do it their way or to do something similar but was stoked when they loved how straight forward it was and how it kept very much in theme with the album and it's title. With so much of my life working in the digital realm, it's so refreshing to go out and do something tactile. Also, I'm so happy that I get to live my normal life as a hand model. 

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