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Sir Chicken is a fried chicken restaurant in Chicago that was in need of some branding. The owners had a rough idea of what they wanted, they even had a rough sketch of chicken, and I just need to finesse their idea into it's final stage.



Client: Sir Chicken

Role: Art direction & Illustration.

With a rough sketch to go off of, this project quickly turned into just fine tuning an idea that the client already had in mind.


This was a fairly easy process. I received the quick pen sketch and was asked to add a little more to the character with clean line work, to give it that "hand-made" feel. I decided to go with a heavier ink brush and the folks at Sir Chicken were onboard. I essentially redrew their idea to give it a more brush pen look while also making it vector friendly. I hand drew the word mark with the same brush and we were good to go.


I love working with this restaurant group. They tend to have an idea already in mind and they come to me for some more insight. We explore ideas openly together, which makes it such an easy process. They're an awesome client that has a lot of trust in me to nail what they're going for.

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