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As a leader in the audio space, Studio Resonate wanted redefine the "American voice" by diversifying their own voice cast while getting others to join in as well. The landing page was meant to be straight forward: a logo, a message, and a place to submit your (or your agencies) name and say that you would join in and help diversify your voice actor roster along with pushing for a more diverse output.


Client: Studio Resonate SXM Media

Role: Initial Art Direction. (Design/Development: Brian Yuen |  ECD: Roger Gehrmann)

I was involved in the very early art direction. The idea was to keep it simple and straight to the point. No fluff, just get people on board and then make sure we all do our part by really aiming to diversify our voice roster and audio output. Why does that matter? Having a more diverse voice roster would really encapsulate the diverse range of people in the world.


How do we do that quickly and effectively? In a world of short internet attention spans, we wanted to convey the message of landing page in important but short copy, burn the logo/imagery/name into the viewer's mind, and get them to sign up without hesitation.


The process was fairly straight forward. The idea was the focus on the message, so we wanted to keep the color scheme simply black and white with an accent color. The name of the page is long but we wanted the emphasis to be on "Sonic Diversity." We explored different ways of stacking the type and eventually landed on the balanced and long cursive that you see above. We liked the loose association to a cursive team varsity, showing unity and connecting the "S" and "D" to further that feeling.


The first iteration of the landing page was super simple: logo, copy below, email form at the bottom. There ended up being more copy than expected, so the page constantly evolved. To be honest, a fair amount of folks started to chime in on the project, and from a UI/UX perspective it seemed to be in a good place, so I stepped away from the project. Too many cooks. The lead designer/developer would still check in for the occasional update but I could see the project was in good hands and I was happy to do my part.


I was so excited to work for a company that's making a conscious, and necessary change to include more voices of color. Let's break the sonic color line! 

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