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This is an exploration into the world of NFTs with the main character from my comic book, Thud.


Published on: OpenSea

Role: Art direction and production


I created an animated gif of Thud, just standing there and breathing as his usual optimistic self. Creating this gif was an option to explore the NFT world from production to posting the piece live and available to the world.

Get your Thud NFT here!


I approached this the "old-school" way and went frame by frame in Clip Studio Paint. It was fun to approach this from a traditional animation style. I haven't done that in a while and it was fun to explore this medium again. It definitely gives me an even higher appreciation for all animated shows.


I started the process by animating the hair moving in the wind, so it wouldn't look like Thud was wearing a hair helmet. Then I moved on to the compression of his chest and general body movements to make it look like he was breathing. You can actually watch me the progress video here and see the steps I took.


Still early on in the NFT world, the idea is/was to drop a new NFT with every issue of Thud that is released. I do have a couple lined up and plan to keep exploring this realm.

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