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My friend Tony was starting a new BBQ sauce business and needed some branding. The sauces were already ready to go, so we just needed to find a way to figure out some branding and packaging that he would be happy with.


Client: Tony's Original Co

Role: Creative Direction and Design.


Tony was not sure where to start but he wanted it to be clear that it was a sauce company. I like playing with the initials of companies to start, and it just so happened that the client's and company's initials were "T" and "O." I had some samples of the sauce to personally try and loved it. They were sent in squeeze bottles and while trying the sauce I caught something visually. I quickly started playing with versions of the "T" being a sauce container and the "O" being the sauce dripping out of the container. He dug the direction of icon from the start, so I started exploring and cleaning up different versions of this icon.


We tweaked the icon a bit to where the sauce looked like it was being squeezed out of the bottle. We liked the "shine" of the sauce but I thought it might get lost if shrunk down to a smaller size, so we stylized it a little more and also separated the squeeze bottle from the top so we could see the "T" more. We then explored doing the word mark and Tony leaned more towards a serifed look. After a small amount of exploring we ended up on the stacked word mark below.



The client and I were really happy with where the logo landed. The whole process was really fun and enjoyable, especially seeing the excitement in the client and as it all progressed.

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