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Client: Sipag Ventures

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Branding, Site

SV's mission statement is simple; To reduce poverty in the Philippine by empowering and enabling entrepreneurship.

The company had a clear mission statement and they seem to genuinely care about helping folks out in the Philippines. There is a lot of talent over there but resources can be scarce. I was brought in to give visual-life to this venture.

The more we discussed their purpose and identity, I had a few visuals that came to mind but within a round of exploration, a bird is what resonated most with the client. It symbolized SV as the folks that were helping these new businesses get to the next level.

The company had a loose idea for colors because they knew that they wanted the earth and water to somehow be conveyed. So in initially explored bright aquas, greens and browns. Those palettes were too bright, so we started toning them down and we ended up on dark turquoise, gold, and white.

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