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Client: Studio Resonate | Pandora | SiriusXM

Landing Page


Ideation, Art Direction, Contributor, Insight, Digital

Design | Dev: Laura Keller
ECD: Roger Gehrmann
Many more

We  wanted to create an experience explaining the art and science of sound.  We didn't want it to be just another landing page but more of an  immersive audio experience. The goal was to give the user a feeling of  floating through a space while being told a story and having spatial  audio give the whole experience more depth.

I  was attached to this project in the very early stages of strategy and  ideation. There seemed to be a little bit of struggle of how to approach  the whole thing and I started drawing and walking through the concept  of exploring "space" which would give the user a more engaging  experience and also allow us to design an immersive soundscape.

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