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Client: Disney

Creative Direction | Mobile Experience


Ideation, Art Direction, Creative Direction

Design | Dev: Laura Keller

Audio Design: Nick Fletcher

I  work with an incredibly talented group of folks and I wanted to  proactively create an experience with them using Star Wars as the  vehicle in an attempt to get a bigger ad spend from Disney for Pandora.

​I  wanted to play with new tech at the time revolving around The Last Jedi  because it was about to come out in theaters. I wanted to design a 3D  experience in an X-Wing with Poe Dameron and BB-8. The idea was that the  user would be piloting an X-Wing from a first person perspective and  the audio design would make you feel like you were in the physical space  because depending on where you looked the sound would act accordingly.  Ideally this would be a headphone experience. After bringing up this  germ of an idea to Laura and Nick, they ran with it and created this  AMAZING experience.

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