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Tony Trimm is a comedian, DJ (he tours with and for Hannibal Buress), co-host on the Handsome Rambler, and a cooking show host. He's a busy dude. Tony wanted to have a brand that he could use thru his various ventures and wanted to see what I could do.



Client: Tony Trimm

Role: Art Direction.


The lane was WIDE open, so we played with a ton of different ideas. The main thing we knew we wanted to incorporate was his initials "T.T." DJing is a big part of his life so I wanted to incorporate something related to DJing in his logo. I started sketching out a double T and forming the letters to resemble a certain turntable needle when looking at it from the front.

We were both into the idea of a single T being split and forming a double T and did multiple iterations of that. Check out all the rounds below.


In the end, I think it made sense to go more toward a circular logo with his initials. While he is a renaissance man, DJing is definitely one of the main things. The circle is a nod to records, the double T is a nod to turntable needles, and the containment of it makes it an easy logo to use in various different cases. We kept his name in the circular part of the logo but when it comes to simplifying, we could eventually just rely on the double "T" in the circle as a nice clean icon.



We were both pretty happy with the final result. Tony was excited about the subtle nods to DJing without being overly "IM A DJ" about it. I had fun doing the back and forth with Trimm.

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