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I am a creator that loves telling stories through various mediums and I'm  currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Peabe LLC (Freelance)
[2000 - Present]​

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Senior Designer [2024 - Present]​


Kapwa Capital
Design Lead [2023 - Present]​


Design Director [2020 - 2023]


Pandora Media

Associate Creative Director [2018 - 2020] 

Art Director [2014 - 2018]

Sr. Designer [2010 - 2013]

Flash Designer [2008 - 2010]

Scout Comics

Creator of Thud: Double Vision [2021 - 2023]

Finally Hip
Creative Director / Co-Owner [2011 - 2016]

Emmis Interactive / Emmis Communications
Sr. Designer [2005 - 2008]

Peabe LLC, Owner
2000 - Present. Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Spearheaded diverse projects in art direction, branding, illustration, and design across music, entertainment, toys, restaurants, and fashion sectors.

  • Excelled in delivering high-quality, creative solutions tailored to unique project requirements.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Freelance Senior Designer
2024 - Present. Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Character development, background design, and storyboard for promotional videos.

  • Various design tasks.

Kapwa Capital, Design Lead
2023 - Present. Chicago, Illinois

  • Created the brand identity and guidelines.

  • Enforcing guidelines and producing everything from decks to promotional material.

SiriusXM, Design Director
2020 - 2023. Oakland, California.

  • Supervised deployment of regulatory guidelines and large custom ad projects, ensuring compliance and innovation.

  • Led a high-performance team, fostering collaboration with external agencies for seamless project execution.

  • Established an in-house artistic team, enhancing custom rich-media campaigns and brand identity.

  • Motivated team towards growth and excellence in digital projects, including ad creation and content development.

  • Updated brand guidelines, maintaining a cohesive and quality-driven brand identity.

Pandora Radio, Associate Creative Director
2008-2020. Oakland, California.

Associate Creative Director (2018 - 2020)
Art Director (2014 - 2018)
Sr. Visual Designer (2008 – 2014)

  • Coordinated a high-performance design and development team, aligning with external agencies for project success.

  • Developed concepts and strategies for custom projects, enhancing Pandora's platform and client engagement.

  • Led client pitches and presentations, showcasing innovative solutions and securing project commitments.

  • Managed production of final work, ensuring high-quality deliverables and client satisfaction.

  • Actively involved in all stages of project development, from concept pitching to asset production.

Scout Comics, Creator
2021 - 2023. Fort Myers, Florida

  • Created, illustrated, wrote, and lettered the entire eight-issue comic series “Thud: Double Vision”, showcasing storytelling and artistic skills.

Finally Hip, Creative Director
2011 - 2016. Oakland/San Francisco, California.

  • Led creative production for a clothing line, balancing design feasibility with budget and needs.

  • Built trusted relationships with vendors and clients, enhancing brand reputation and market reach.

  • Directed future release planning and implementation, ensuring brand growth and innovation.

  • Developed and maintained online presence, increasing brand visibility and sales through effective web and social media strategies. 

Emmis Communications, Senior Designer
2005 - 2008. Chicago, Illinois.

  • Led high-performance team for Emmis Interactive to develop mini sites and eye-catching advertising campaigns.]

  • Integrated digital and print marketing campaigns to increase engagement and sales volume.

  • Headed successful campaigns for events like Hot97 Summer Jam, SXSW, and Austin City Limits.

  • Executed ideas by discussing, counseling, and brainstorming with clients on expected outcomes.

Let's collaborate!

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I have over two decades of experience working for brands, crafting digital and real-life experiences, and leading design teams.

As a kid, I loved drawing and building worlds with LEGO. Maybe I just wanted to escape but I was always wanting to create and tell stories with all my available creative tools and toys. I would try and get done with my homework, so I could get drawing time in with my lolo (grandfather).  When I got to be a teen, I did comics and graffiti which led me to doing party flyers and album art for musicians and bands. That gave me enough money to buy records but I also learned that I could make money doing something I liked. For work, I knew I wanted to do something "creative" but my Asian parents would constantly say "there's no money in art" and I'm glad I didn't listen.

Fast forward to now and a lot of my professional creative experience has been in tech and advertising, but I've also done a fair share of freelance within the fashion, music, entertainment, food, & art world. In my career, I've been lucky enough to touch everything from product design to clothing production to event planning.  This has given me the opportunity to work with brands like Pandora, SiriusXM, Disney, Hulu, FritoLay, Honda, Toyota, Verizon, T-Mobile, & more.​ I embrace the challenge to create and tell a story in any medium.




I tend to go by the nickname "Peabe" (PEE-BEE). I got that name as a kid because I REALLY liked peanut butter and I REALLY disliked jelly, so the nickname stuck. I was born and raised in Chicago, graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2004, moved to Oakland in 2008, had a small stint in Ewa Beach in 2020, and have been in Santa Fe since 2021 with my partner, our daughter, and our dog.​


Things I love:  aqua, pink, black, comic books, handwriting, goofy/silly commercials, LEGO, cartoons, 90s hip hop, graffiti, skateboarding, donuts, pizza, burritos, tattoos, leather working, boots, sneakers, denim, vintage military clothing, and Chicago sports.

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