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FMC Random Outfit Maker

Client: N/A
Creative Direction, Illustration, Digital, Content
Creative Direction | Illustration | Landing Page

I used to run an IG account called @FeelingMadCute, you can still view it today. It was honestly created just because I was feeling my outfits and wanted to share it with the world. The name came about because one of my friends said "well someone is feeling mad cute" and here we are.

But sometimes picking an outfit is hard to do, and you just wanna grab some gear and go. That's why I created the Feeling Mad Cute - Random Outfit Maker aka FMC-ROM. I drew a lot of the clothes I had, at that time, and built a page/app that randomly decides my outfit. It takes into account the weather, so if it's 80° outside the app starts peeling off the layers and vice versa if it's cold. It was also a chance to incorporate little easter eggs like my dog Toaster making the occasional cameo. Toaster is my dog, who has since passed, but would dragged along for photos because I would do them on his walks.

Feel free to check out some screenshots below, as well as some videos I put together from some of the random outfits chosen.

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