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Intitiate Skateboarding

Client: Initiate Skateboarding
Illustration, Art Direction

I've had the privilege of working with Damon at Initiate Skateboarding a couple times now. For these projects, I generally get to let loose and come up with some fun illustrations. I tend to send a rough sketch to Damon, get the ok from, then get to work. I've always wanted to do illustrations on skateboards, so it's awesome to get a chance to see a full production run.

The "Lucha" board was just me getting a chance to do a deck for my love of wrestling and bright colors. 

For the "Crown Vic" deck, Damon wanted to do something that was a nod to racing but with a car that had mismatched parts and was just out for speed. As soon as he mentioned racing, I immediately had an image of a burnout with the smoke spelling "Initiate."

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