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Kapwa Capital

Client: Kapwa Capital
Branding, Site, Production, Art Direction
Branding | Website

I got to work with a new VC firm called Kapwa Capital. Kapwa Capital is a syndicate of investors investing in underserved founders. This is a ground up build, so while it was going to be fun it was also going to be challenging.

They wanted to give the look and feel of a VC but incorporate the look/feel/idea of Filipino woven fabrics. We explored a few options and were able to agree on the final logo above. We went with "K" being the hero while also including linework to give the look and feel of a Filipino tapestry. The client was happy with logo and the success we had weaving some of the movement from the patterns and fabrics.

We explored a variety of color palettes but landed on a mix of dark purple, wine, and gold for the primary colors with black and white being the supporting palette. Re: colors, the client provided some fabrics as well as online references for inspiration. The result was a blend of colors we saw repeated but used in our own way for this project.

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