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Client: Pandora

Creative Direction | Production


Creative Direction, Illustration

CD: Jeff Ho

Pandora wanted to make a pin to hand out at SXSW one year. The objective was to get the newly rebranded P out into the world. Enamel pins were so big at the time, and at that moment I had been working on "moving" pins. 

Pandora x SXSW, I immediately thought of a turntable. I first flipped the logo to look like a turntable, I used the Technic 1200 as inspiration. I wanted the "window" of the P to be the turntable with the "P" being the record. At the time doing a 1" pin was standard but seeing as how this moved, I bumped it up a little bit. I had to render this out into 2 pieces but I had already worked with a few manufacturer overseas, so I knew a good place to start with the schematic drawings.

Once the design and drawings were done, I contacted a quality pin manufacturer I had previously used. I sent them all my drawings (with Pantone colors, dimension, etc), along with an animated gif to give an even clearer idea of what I was looking for and from there it was fairly straight forward.

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